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Transformation of Organizations from their traditional service methodologies into DevOps has become the industry norm. It is now a well-known fact that it is a successful DevOps transformation that allows an organization to create and improve products at a faster pace than traditional software development methods. Hence making the product development organizations compete with other competitors.


Reliability Engineering is about the pragmatic implementation of DevOps practices to identify silos and eliminate toil, an approach expanding the theoretical part to an efficient workflow, with the right work methods and tools. It’s also about sharing the responsibility between everyone and getting everyone in sync with the same goal and vision.

Transforming an organization into DevOps with SRE is much more than chasing

another new buzzword. For an SRE journey to be successful, an organization has to commit to this strategy at senior levels of management, adopt SRE principles, make necessary changes to people and processes like setting up error budget policy and introduction of SRE in software development lifecycle.

There are two models for SRE adoption:
  1. Embedding SRE’s into traditional product development or operations teams
  2. Building out an independent shared SRE team at the organization level.

Wimoku’s SRE offerings include a tool-agnostic reliability tool kit framework for one-click automation of your operations in development and production environments. 


Wimoku also provides faster adoption techniques of SRE best practices while reorganizing and elucidating the existing service team. We offer SRE as a managed service with an edge on-demand availability using our Core and Flex sourcing model.

Our SRE as a service offering include

  • Proven and tested framework of a Tool Agnostic Reliability Toolkit – TART©
  • A Centre for Enablement for easy and affordable SRE adoption
  • Playbook automation with AI capabilities for Continuous monitoring and risk detection
  • SRE Managed services and on-demand resource availability


Preferring Wimoku to implement SRE in your organization allows you to have access to readily available knowledge on different SRE implementation practices to choose from the best model suitable for your organization. 

Wimoku offers reliability engineering experts with the necessary skills and experience to improve the reliability of your key systems together with a clearly defined service contract that sets out SLOs and uptime expectations. The managed SRE service by Wimoku offers skilled SRE staff who already know how to assess and instrument modern software for typical performance and reliability tracking, saving you time and money to discover toil in your business.


With a managed SRE service offering from Wimoku, you get to focus on defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other reliability metrics for your business services, driving value for business stakeholders. An SRE Managed Service approach help development teams to improve the operability before releasing to production.

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