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The culture of QA implies new workflows, processes, and tools, all of which create a lot of change for an existing team of product engineers. But, for businesses – transformation is inevitable when rapid scalability is the only option. A good QA practice will ensure quality without compromising on performance and speed to market. The most important thing to remember is that change is an emotional process for people. So, empathetic and thoughtful change management is crucial to success.

Albeit software testing is considered as the number one source for delays in your development lifecycle, ensuring quality of your software is an unavoidable practice. Considering the current software market where the competition is extremely fierce. That makes quality even more vital. With many choices, consumers have no patience for bugs, and when bugs reach users, apps get deleted.


At Wimoku we have analyzed the issues that occur in a standard quality assurance approach which directly relates to inefficient processes causing inevitable delays. When there are inefficient processes in your development lifecycle you are also likely to find yourselves overworked and demotivated. 


After years of multiple implementations and careful assessment of Software Quality impact on site and client reliability patterns, we have developed a proven and tested framework for implementing the right QA practices on a wide range of software development environments and methodologies.

Engage with us to improvise your testing approach and redesign your Quality Assurance process to fit rightly for the digital race of software development, where we emphasis primarily on:

  • Continuous Test Automation
  • Increase speed by running tests simultaneously
  • Continuous Feedback Loop
  • Continuous Improvement

Our Testing framework focus primarily on Continuous Testing which is often cited as the best practice that brings Continuous Assurance of quality during the development lifecycle and an effective method to increase product release velocity. Our framework brings you the benefits of automating manual processes to its best, improving QA processes that blend with your existing development approach seamlessly. 

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