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We helped one of our largest healthcare client develop a patented SaaS solution to solve patient identity and matching problem that plagues the healthcare industry, especially in the USA, since there is no requirement around country wide unique patient identifier that can be used by health IT systems due to privacy concerns.


Unlike conventional MPI engines, the “4medica Big Data MPI™” has superior precision that can scale easily with increased loads. Based on the Inverted Index technology pioneered by search engines, real-time continuous tuning and separate algorithms for each data source, this solution solves healthcare’s universal problem of duplicate identities and limited data access.


Wimoku is not only developing and supporting this award-winning product for our marquee client, we also help with master data management and data stewardship on demand. Our highly trained data management staff helps reduce the duplication rate using both technology, people and process to guarantee < 1% duplicate rate guarantee.


Apart from highly skilled resource pool, we also applied solutions using advanced machine learning techniques to achieve this goal for our client.

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