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Wimoku’s health IT consultants have dedicated more than a decade in their career in developing and supporting health IT products and services for the US market. Some of the products that our team have developed over the years have been deployed nationwide and across several states in the US. Almost all the products that Wimoku has deployed runs on the cloud and our teams are highly skilled in developing and managing cloud native applications.

Moving to the cloud is no longer trendy – it is essential.  Getting on board with cloud native development and a SaaS delivery model can help you operate more efficiently, reduce IT overhead, and easily grow and scale your business. These days, cloud services are affordable for organizations of all sizes. But if your organization has not made the leap yet, the process of getting from your data center to the cloud can seem intimidating.


This is where Wimoku can help. Our highly skilled and trained staff not only understand the needs of any health IT organization, both big and small, and its security and compliance needs such as HIPAA and HIRUST certification requirements, but also, our team has a wealth of subject matter experts (SMEs) who can easily understand the business requirements which will aide in developing and managing the operational aspect of any health IT product or any line of business application for a health IT organization. 

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