Cloud Transformation and Data Security


The Wimoku team helped one of the largest healthcare clients in USA to develop a comprehensive big data management stack modularly architected to support its “best-in-class” Big Data Management Solutions using a Cloud based Architecture, hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Our Health IT SMEs, Solution Architects and developers work on highly sophisticated clinical portals that tightly integrates all information for one patient in a longitudinal integrated record.  The following features are available for clinicians:


  1. Patient demographic information and historic changes – a unique feature allowed by its Big Data technology.
  2. Patient summary screen containing all the most pertinent clinical information about one patient. This Includes test results, vaccinations, vitals, allergies, medications and other data sets.
  3. Highly evolved test result viewing feature which includes quad-window user interface that displays each report, full panel details, abnormal test values and patient’s historic graph for selected analytes.
  4. Medication list displayed in historic manner with the ability to graph medications against lab results.
  5. Document viewing module. H&Ps, Op reports, D/C summaries, and other document types (e.g. PDFs) can be easily reviewed in an easy to use 2-window user interface.


Wimoku’s team partnered with its largest healthcare client to fully support all major input and output formats such as HL7 V2.X, HL7 V3, FHIR, CCD as well as numerous custom formats of our customers and partners. We helped our client connect to immunization registries, laboratories, imaging facilities, hospital ADT sources, provider EMRs and other types of organizations. Wimoku team helped its client to evolve an HL7 lab interface platform which is currently connected to hundreds of commercial and hospital laboratories around USA. We are also connected to the EMRs in thousands of physician practices.


Wimoku team developed highly customizable interactive graphs and visualizations for analytics platform for its client. Utilizing this state-of-the-art analytics platform, Wimoku has implemented several dashboards required in the HIE operations as well as population health and care coordination.


The Wimoku team is a bunch of passionate individuals who strive to build and manage very high-quality IT products that can be deployed at very large scale and provide four 9 uptime, availability and data security.

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