Bringing employees safely back to work – 4medica COVID-19 Wellness Program


As the covid-19 global pandemic rocked the world, one of our clients, 4medica, sprung into action in the spring of 2020 and wanted to partner with Wimoku to build an application that would help employers safely allow their employees return back to work. The Wimoku team was more than ready for this task. The application had to be developed from scratch within a few short weeks, with more features planned over the next few months.


“4medica COVID-19 Wellness Program”, is a HIPAA compliant mobile and desktop solution that helps businesses reopen and reconnect with employees to provide a safe and secure work environment, mitigate risks and support ongoing prevention during the pandemic.


This application is a health symptom checker that links to a wellness health questionnaire and optional lab test results. These functions work together to calculate a risk score that validates the employee’s health status every day or as frequently as you like. This application helps to ensure that every employee is safe to return to work while allowing employers to easily track and report on COVID-19 related symptoms. The Wimoku team not only designed and developed this application, but also helped 4medica support the ongoing operations as new customers were onboarded. The project was a grand success both in terms of how quickly it was delivered and the overall quality of the application.


The health care problems that we are trying to solve in the United States are the same health care problems that those in other countries are trying to solve. This puts Wimoku in a unique position to help provide health IT solutions anywhere in the world.

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