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One of the challenges that business leaders face today is the difficulty of predicting what will delight customers and end-users. Given the fast pace of change, uncertainty, and disruption, it is often a herculean challenge to clearly define business requirements and business models to the engineering teams and ask them to build a future-proof system. Disruptive business models, open-source technologies becoming mainstream, cloud computing, and adoption of IOT, AL, ML by competitors is forcing leaders to have a sensible modernization strategy. And during this age rapid transformation, legacy systems seem to often hold back business initiatives and become real-time obstacles to digital business that rely on them. 

Wimoku has excellent capabilities to deal with your legacy transformation problems while retaining your existing legacy systems’ productivity, performance, and reliability. 


We use our proven and tested approach to transforming your entire system using any of the below methods. 

  • Encapsulate – To leverage and extend an application’s features and value, encapsulate data and functions in the application, and make them available as services via an application programming interface (API). Implementation specifics and knowledge are hidden behind the interface.
  • Rehost – Redeploy an application component to another physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure without recompiling, altering the application code, or modifying features and functions.
  • Replatform – Migrate an application component to a new runtime platform. Make minimal changes to code to adapt to the new platform, but do not change the code structure or the features and functions it provides.
  • Refactor – Restructure and optimize existing code without changing its external behavior to remove technical debt and improve the component’s features and structure.
  • Rearchitect – Materially alter the application code so you can shift it to new application architecture and fully exploit new and better capabilities of the application platform.
  • Rebuild – Rebuild or rewrite the application component from scratch while preserving its scope and specifications.
  • Replace – Eliminate the former application component and replace it, taking new requirements and needs into account.

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