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Job Description:

  • Develop lifecycle for different projects inclusive of research, development, design, evaluation, testing along with delivery to product management
  • Supervise, delegate and lead efforts to develop technical roadmap and development activities for multiple projects
  • Provide project management and technical leadership for every aspect of software
  • Administer everyday workflow of all implementation processes and provide technical support to all associates and client stakeholders
  • Coordinate with team to resolve all issues within required timeframe and recommend appropriate changes to all policies and procedures and evaluate all release patterns and associated notes regularly
  • Establish and stimulate software development standards and processes along with best practices for delivery of scalable and high quality software
  • Perform closely with Engineers, Developers and Product Management throughout organization to influence product development assisting or improving products
  • Involve in strategic plans to accomplish technical as well as business with leadership chain, team and with customers
  • Monitor all implementation requests and administer staff working and assist team and senior implementation managers and provide required coaching for same.
  • Evaluate all management information reports and ensure achievement of all team objectives and provide support proactively
  • Evaluate all processes and provide technical support to all senior implementation managers and establish all client configuration requirements
  • Evaluate projects, develop and update schedules plus supervise project status
  • Develop all processes and propose tools for customer implementation lifecycle
  • Collaborate effectively with all team members as well as hold regular team meetings
  • Collaborate with system integration team and ensure compliance to all client requirements and provide appropriate training to clients and ensure efficient implementation of all systems
  • Identify defects and provide an efficient interface with technical departments
  • Maintain all project plans and ensure compliance to timeframe and collaborate with stakeholders for all implementation processes
  • Fosters a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of technology and instils the principles of this culture in a team
  • Develop relations with existing and prospective internal customers to interpret all individual requirements
  • Deliver reports and proposals to higher management and client stakeholders
  • Create a budget and timeline for the development project


Skills and Qualification:

  • 12+ years of total IT experience, including 5+ years of Delivery/Development/Implementation Management experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering/computer science related subjects/relevant software development and management experience
  • Good technical understanding including Cloud and new technology trends in the industry
  • Strong communication, leadership, programming and problem-solving skills
  • PMP, ITIL or other Industry relevant certifications will add weightage


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