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Your Reliable Technology Solutions Partner


Wimoku is a technology enterprise known for its unshaken excellence being a single-window solution for technological needs for various organizations in the field of cloud transformation and cyber defense in the industries like healthcare, fin-tech, manufacturing and utilities.


Application Development

Wimoku offers a range of App development services, including custom mobile and web app development, app modernization, interface development, app integrations, and cloud-native application development in a reusable and scalable approach.



At Wimoku we have a unique implementation framework to implement DevSecOps into your existing DevOps model or for developing a bespoke model that fits your investment and business priorities. 


Site Reliability Engineering

Wimoku offers reliability engineering experts with the necessary skills and experience to improve the reliability of your key systems together with a clearly defined service contract that sets out SLOs and uptime expectations. 

Cloud Transformation

Wimoku brings the experience of being a technology service provider with a difference where we blend with the business teams and serve as an in-house IT team, specialized in cloud skills which is the key indicator for enterprise agility.


Cyber Defence

Wimoku specializes in providing best bespoke cyber security solutions for MSMEs by formulating a robust digital asset protection strategy and thereby integrating it into an overall business strategy.


Legacy Transformation

Wimoku has excellent capabilities to deal with legacy transformation problems while retaining existing legacy systems’ productivity, performance, and reliability using a proven and tested approach to transforming the entire system.

Why Choose Us

We’re a Premium Business Solutions Provider

Our well-integrated workforce is highly skilled and efficient in enhancing your business life. We use the best technology and accurate strategies to maintain exceptional quality in services. Our team works in unison from different parts of the globe to fulfill our clients’ requirements.

Expertise and Experience

Wimoku possesses immense expertise in the latest and the best technologies that are available. All our strategies are based on agile practices that keep our clients on the frontline of progress. We’ve handled several international clients and have received much appreciation for our work. With more than ten years of experience in different areas of the IT industry, Wimoku can provide first-rate services to its clients.

One-Window IT hub

Wimoku offers IT solutions and handles small and mid-sized businesses by providing worthwhile solutions for a wide range of issues in diverse areas of a company. Our team brainstorms together to install radical technological solutions like automation and cloud transformation into an agile environment that uplifts a company’s outcomes. Wimoku has taken care of numerous industry domains, including financial, healthcare, legal, Manufacturing, and Utilities.

Quality Standard

Quality is the cornerstone of our company’s identity. Our team is devoted to providing services par excellence by doing in-depth research. We work together to understand a problem and then strive to derive the best solution for it using suitable technologies.All our services are scrutinized through testing processes, and only the best is delivered. We monitor all activities in each of its stages to provide complete quality assurance.

Innovative Productions

We think creativity is mandatory in all forms of work. Our team has extensive and up-to-date knowledge about the latest technologies and are highly capable of developing the best solutions. We push forward every day to find innovative solutions and turn our vision into reality. At Wimoku, brainstorming is the norm. We carefully assess each issue to bring out a solution that aptly addresses it. Our team always brings innovative and productive ideas that ensure complete client satisfaction.